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Alfred University Environmental Health and Safety Banner Graphic


In the event of an emergency dial 911
(9-911 from campus phone)
and provide the following information - your location, nature of the emergency, name, and additional details as requested
For Public Safety call 607.871.2108

MSDS Online (Safety Data Sheets)
Click here:

For any questions, comments and concerns please contact the office of Environmental Health and Safety at 607.871.2190 or email us.

Health Information

Foster Lake

Information on Foster Lake, a beautiful recreational area for use by the community.

Safety News and Notices
EH&S Emergency Notices and News
EH&S Educational Materials
NY Alert - Public Safety Information

Weather Related Information and Advisories:

Inclement Weather Closing Procedure
New York State DOT Travel Information
Weather Terms

AU EH&S Calendar
To view the EH&S Calendar using MS Outlook: Open MS Outlook; click on File>Open>Other Users Folder; in the box next to Name type envhealthsafety and choose the Calendar option next to Folder.

EH&S Forms
Accident/Incident/Near-Miss Report
Action Request Form
Alfred University Response Activation Process (Emergency Flow Chart)

Building Safety Inspection Form
Central Accumulation Area Inspection Form
Chemical Inventory Form
Electronic and Scrap Metal Disposal Survey Form
Elemental Neutralization Log Form
Eyewash and Safety Shower Inspection Form
Hazardous Waste Log Form
Non-Regulated Waste Log Form
Satellite Accumulation Area Inspection Form (Blank - contact EHS for completing)
Training Attendance Form

Universal Waste - AU Pallet Content Form
Universal Waste - NYSCC Pallet Content Form

Programs, Policies and Manuals:
Accident/Incident/Near-Miss Policy
Acronym List for Chemical Hygiene Plan
Alfred University Safety Policy
Building Contacts and Safety Monitors
Building Evacuation Assembly Areas
Building Safety Inspection Policy
Central Accumulation Areas
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Incompatibility Chart
Chemical and Safety Data Sheet Management at Alfred University
Chemical Substitutions
Control of Animals Policy

Drain Disposal of Laboratory Chemicals Policy
Emergency Response Plan for Hazardous Materials Release

Electronic and Scrap Metal Disposal Policy

Electronic and Scrap Metal Disposal Acceptable Material
GHS (Globally Harmonized System) Revision 4_2011
GHS Annex 1 (2011)
GHS Annex 2 (2011)
GHS Annex 3 (2011)
GHS Annex 4 (2011)
GHS Hazardous Codes and Statements
GHS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Example - acetone
Hazardous Waste Characteristics
OSHA Inspection Frequency Schedule
P Listed Particularly (Acutely) Hazardous Substances
Regulated Medical Waste Policy
Safety Rules for AU Employees
Satellite Accumulation Areas
Smoking Policy
Specific Chemicals Handling Guidelines
Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan
Transporting Waste to Central Accumulation Area (CAA)
U Listed Toxic Waste
Universal Waste Policy
Waste Management Policy
Waste Management Practices
Zero Sort Disposal

EH&S Staff

EH&S Training
Training class pre-registration is required. Please sign-up for a training class by contacting EH&S at 607-871-2190. We are now also offering some training classes on Canvas. Training classes are offered at no charge to employees and students of Alfred University. American Heart Association First Aid and CPR/AED classes have a nominal charge of $3.50 each to pay for the AHA issued certification card. A minimum of 4 people must sign-up for a general classroom training class, otherwise the classes will be cancelled.

EHS Labels
EHS Signs

Health and Safety Resources