To Change Your Password in Banner

Follow the instructions and rules below for changing your Banner password.

In the Banner Go box, type in GUAPSWD or use the password link located on the right side of main menu.

  • Type in your Banner password in the space next to Oracle Password
  • Skip over Database
  • Type in your new Banner Password ** and then retype it again. You can use your network login password if it conforms to the following rules.

** Rules to follow for setting up your new password:

  • Password cannot be the same as your username (ex. SMITHB)
  • Password must be a minimum of 10 characters
  • At least 1 character of password must be a number
  • At least 1 character of password must be uppercase
  • At least 1 character of password must be lowercase
  • At least 1 character from the following list of special chars.: % * + - : ? _ . (but, not in first or last position of password)
  • Password cannot contain any of the following special chars.: ! @ “ # $ & () ‘ , ; < = >/
  • Password must differ from the previous password by at least 3 letters
  • More than 5 failed attempts will lock the account for 20 minutes (can contact Admin Services for earlier reset - phone: 2602 or 2309)

Click OK when finished