Business Office Directory

Business Office

Carnegie Hall
Phone: 607-871-2128
Fax: 607-871-2119

Name Title Phone Number Email
Jodi Howe Controller 607-871-2963
Trina Cook Administrative Assistant 607-871-2525
Sheila Decker Accounts Payable Clerk 607-871-2107
Marty Fuller Head Cashier / Bookkeeper 607-871-2770
Jason Warner Senior Accountant & Tax Specialist 607-871-2771
Lisa Porter Assistant Controller 607-871-2168
Jason Warner Business & Finance Banner Pro. 607-871-2771

Procurement Services

Greene Hall
Phone: 607-871-2698
Fax: 607-871-2698

Name Title Phone Number Email
Melissa Badeau Dir. of Procurement Services 607-871-2698
Valerie Ewald Procurement Clerk 607-871-2483

Office of Sponsored Projects

Binns-Merrill Hall
Phone: 607-871-2026
Fax: 607-871-2618

Name Title Phone Number Email
Cori Carlin Research Account Spec. 607-871-2714
Terri Drake Research Admin. Spec. 607-871-2026
Marty Kallier Research Account Spec. 607-871-2488
Sarah Rynearson-Moody Director Sponsored Program 607-871-2964

Student Service Center (Student Accounts Receivable)

Seidlin Hall
Phone: 607-871-2123
Fax: 607-871-2347

Name Title Phone Number Email
Amanda Ruscitto Bursar 607-871-2913
Brenda Baker Student Service Representative 607-871-2123
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