The One Card simplifies the procurement and disbursement process by facilitating point-of-demand procurement. Procurement authority is delegated to the ordering department enabling the authorized cardholder to place an order directly with the supplier. The One Card program provides enhanced control for all transactions by producing immediate decisions on specific authorization criteria.

When a purchase authorization is requested by the vendor, the credit card system validates the transaction against pre-set limits established by the University. All transactions are approved or declined (instantaneously) based on the following procurement credit card authorization criteria:

  • Single purchase limit not to exceed $1,000
  • Spending limit per month

The authorization process occurs through an electronic system that supports the One Card processing services under the University's agreement with JP Morgan Chase Bank.

The University's purchasing procedures are still in effect.

Benefits to the Cardholder

Goods and services can be more quickly and easily obtained. Work related to the purchase of and payment for goods and services is significantly reduced. More efficient use of time will enable employees to focus on the value-added aspects of their jobs.

Benefits to the University

Reduces the number of requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks. Enables Purchasing and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield value-added activities.


The One Card can also be used for travel purposes. Travel policies are still in place. The One Card can be used for airlines, auto rentals, hotels, meal/restaurants and any other travel related purchases. A completed/signed travel expense report needs to be uploaded into ONE of the travel transactions within Smartdata. (DO NOT upload the expense report into each transaction.)