Cardholder Checklist for Reconciling the One Card

Follow the steps below when reconciling your one card.

  1. Do you have all of your receipts?
    • You need to combine the confirmations, shipping notifications and packing slips along with payment verification into one document for uploading. 
  2. Do you have any Missing Receipts?
    • Call the vendor and obtain a copy of the receipt.
    • Missing receipt forms are available under very limited circumstances. Contact the Program Administrator at ext. 2525.
  3. Does the FOAP need to be changed?
    • Did you make sure it's going to the correct Account (description of what was purchased)?
    • If the FOAP is not in your drop down box, you will need to email the appropriate budget supervisor for approval. Upload the approval with the receipt in to SmartData and forward their approval to the Program Administrator. **Note that any charges to a research account will also require approval from Sponsored Research Dept.** 
  4. Does the receipt show what was purchased?
    • If no, write down what you purchased. If it is not clear as to the business purpose, that must be listed on the receipt as well. 
  5. Do any of your charges require a Travel Expense Report (TER)?
    • If your trip has already taken place, then yes, you need a TER.
    • For future travel, please provide a Travel Advance & Authorization Form (TAAF) to the Business Office. Upload a copy of the TAAF, along with your receipt in to SmartData. Keep original receipt for TER submission after your trip. 
    • A signed & approved TER should be uploaded to the first travel related charge in SmartData based on your credit card statement. You may also elect to upload individual receipts instead of the TER,  but it must be consistent. All original receipts must be attached to the TER submitted to the Business Office. 
  6. Were you charged tax?
    • If yes, contact vendor to get the tax reimbursed and make a note in the transaction. 
  7. Did you upload your receipts? Did you review your transactions by checking the reviewed box?
  8. Did you sign and date your statement?
  9. Turn your paperwork in by the 10th to your One Card Manager.