Disputing a Transaction

The cardholder is responsible for following up with the vendor for any erroneous charges, disputed items or returns.

If the credit card is being used as a department card, you should verify that the charge was not made by another individual. The cardholder should contact the vendor first to resolve the discrepancy. If the cardholder is unable to resolve the issue with the vendor, the next step is to dispute the item on-line through Smartdata. To Dispute you must wait 30 days from the posting date of the transaction.

Disputing Transactions Instructions

  1. Select Account Activity > Transaction Summary
  2. On the Transaction Summary screen, search for the transaction date you want to view. Smartdata displays the transactions that match your search criteria.
  3. Click Transaction Detail Bar graph for the transaction you want to dispute
  4. Click Dispute Transaction button
  5. Select a Dispute Reason
  6. Enter any additional required information
  7. Click Apply button
  8. Print the template and either fax, email or mail the form to JP Morgan Dispute Department
  9. Chase Card Services
    Attn: Commercial Card Dispute Dept.
    OH1-0553 PO Box 182918
    Columbus, OH 43272-5543
    Fax: 866-865-2298