How to Apply

Below are instructions on how to obtain and maintain a One Card.

To apply for a One Card you must print out an application, complete it and have the required signatures. Then the form should be forwarded to the Program Administrator for processing.

You will be required to attend an informational session with the Program Administrator before you are handed the card. The session usually takes about one hour.

There are no manual accounting procedures (i.e. journal entries) to support procurement credit card transactions. The correct FOAP: 6-digit fund number, 5-digit organization number, 4-digit account code and the 2-digit program code will be automatically charged as follows:

  • Each procurement card is associated with an Alfred University fund and organization number

Therefore, each One Card transaction will be defaulted automatically to the FOAP listed on the applicants One Card application. Should there be a need to re-direct an expense, such activity can and should be done on-line by the cardholder.