How to Get Amazon Tax Refunds

Follow the instructions below for sales tax refund from Amazon.

  1. Write in or Amazon. Com LLC (this depends upon which Amazon is listed on the order confirmation) on the vendor line on the NYS tax exemption certificate.
  2. If the order was filled by a third party vendor, write their name in the vendor spot exactly as it is on the order confirmation. You will need to contact this vendor directly-should be a link on confirmation to click on.
  3.  Write in the date of order in the date box next to the Controller's signature. 
  4. In the message tell Amazon you are exempt from sales tax and give them the order number and the date the order was place. 
  5. Send the completed form or use the third party vendor url.
  6. You should receive an email back in a few days from them stating the credit you will receive.