Login Instructions

This page contains a step by step aid for those who need help making an account with Chase and logging in.

  1. Open an Internet browser. Use Internet Explorer V.8 or Firefox 8.0 or 9.0.1.
  2. Enter https://smartdata.jpmorgan.com
  3. Complete 1-11 for login
    • Click Cardholder Self-Registration below the Sign In button
    • Enter Account Number (16 digit credit card number) and Company Registration Number = 8712260
    • Click Next
  4. Enter a User ID. Must contain no more than 10 characters; no special characters or spaces.
  5. Enter First and Last Name
  6. Enter email address and confirm
  7. Enter Password Must be at least 8 characters two of which must be numeric, no spaces; may not contain 2 identical characters in a row; password cannot be used more than once. Confirm password.
  8. Choose Security Question & Answer. You will use this if/when you forget your password or are locked out. Responses must be at least 4 characters; no spaces; are case sensitive.
  9. Click Register Account login to Smartdata
  10. Choose three (3) Challenge Questions. Write down your Q&A's keep them in a safe place. You will be asked one of these questions at random upon each login. Responses must be at least 4 characters, no special characters; may not contain identical characters in a row. You cannot use the same answer for more than one question. Responses are case sensitive.
  11. Click Save