Sales Tax Information

Alfred University is a tax-exempt organization within New York State. Any merchandise shipped to AU from another state is a tax-exempt purchase. We cannot stress how important it is to let the vendor know at the time of purchase that you are making a tax exempt purchase. These additional costs are also depleting your departmental budget.

Best Practice
At the time of a purchase tell the vendor you are making a tax exempt purchase for your organization and present them with a tax exemption certificate(s).

Charged Tax via Internet Purchase???
With the ease of the internet and the One Card, shopping has become even easier. However, it's harder to maintain our tax exemption status. There are different ways you can get the tax charge removed or reimbursed.

If you are shopping online and notice there are taxes being charged, you can continue with the purchase and then contact the vendor via phone, email or live chat. When contacting the vendor, please include your order number and AU’s NYS Tax Exempt Certificate. When submitting the tax exemption certificate, write the name of the vendor on the line under blanket certificate (check this box as well) and write in the date of purchase next to the Signature of Officer of Organization. Make sure you are using a current tax exemption certificate.

If you do not feel comfortable continuing your purchase, you can cancel your order and contact the vendor prior to placing the order. You may have to submit a tax exempt form prior to ordering.

How to get a tax refund from Amazon

Charged tax but did not notice until later???
If you are charged sales tax the first thing you need to do is contact the vendor via telephone or by email and let them know that you were charged sales tax but your purchase was tax exempt. Ask them what you need to do to have the tax credited back. Usually it is just a matter of faxing or emailing the vendor the tax exemption form. You can also take the form to the vendor directly for the credit along with the original receipt.

Other Tax Exempt States
The University is also tax exempt for merchandise that you physically purchase in the following states: Connecticut, Florida, and Massachusetts. These exemption certificates cannot be used for hotel stays. The University is also tax exempt in New Jersey for both merchandise and hotel accommodations.

Any questions concerning tax reimbursement, please contact Office & Procurement Services @ 607-871-2698

There is also a shoppers club card from Wegman's that can be obtained with the exemption hard coded in the card. I would recommend this only to cardholders that use this vendor regularly. Here is a Wegman's application.