Splitting Transactions

Want to split a transaction on your onecard? Follow the instructions below.

  1. To split a transaction, first click on the Split Icon like pictured below

    screenshot pointing out the location of the split icon
  2. This opens up the transaction to be split.

    screenshot of the split detail screen
  3. Select the Number of Split(s) to be made.
    You have the option to split by amount or percentage.

    Click the Add Button, then Save button when finished.

    screenshot showing the location of the add button
  4. Change the amount in the split if it is not a 50/50 split, then click the Save button.

    screenshot of the split amount details if needs adjusting

  5. Click the double arrow icon to change the FOAP on each split.

    screenshot of the screen where you adjust foaps

  6. You can make the FOAP changes for each split by clicking on the Edit Accounting Codes button.

    screenshot showing the edit account button location
  7. Select the Fund, Org, Account, and/or Program that you need to change, then click the Save button.

    screenshot of where you can enter foap information
  8.  You will see that transaction was processed at the top of the page. You can use the "Bread Crumbs" to go back to the Transaction Summary after the transaction was successfully modified.
     screenshot of transaction successfully modified message
  9. The split will look like this on the Transaction Summary page once it has been completed and saved. 

    screenshot of summary page
  10. To Remove a split
    Click on the split icon on the summary page. Check the boxes next to each split, then click the Remove button and click Save. Click the Bread Crumbs to go back to the Transaction Summary page. The split will be gone. 

    screenshot of the remove button