Center for Student Involvement

Important for Clubs and Organizations:

2017-2018 Club Recognition is being done via AU Connect. If you need assistance getting your club activiated via AU Connect please email Eliza Ordway or visit the Center for Student Invovlement on the 1st Floor of Powell.

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Center for Student Involvement Mission

The Center for Student Involvement contributes to the overall success of students by providing engaging opportunities and innovative activities with an emphasis on building a strong community where every member is encouraged to contribute as diversity and uniqueness are celebrated.


“Building Community, One Event at a Time.”

Core Values

Innovative, Inspirational, Compassionate

Monday-Friday 8 am-4:30 pm
Call us at 607-871-2671

Office Staff:
Patricia Debertolis, Assistant Dean for New Student Programs
Coordinator of Diversity Programming
Eliza Ordway, Office Assistant

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