Telephone FAQ

Q: How do I receive telephone service in my room?
A: Telephone service is available for each residence hall room, but you must bring your own telephone. There is one line (telephone number) per room. The line provided is for local calls, 800 numbers, on-campus calling, or any call considered to be free.

Q: What do I need for long distance calling?
A: To direct dial long distance you will need an Alfred University Authorization Code, a prepaid calling card, or a calling card from a long distance carrier. The AU Authorization Code prices are comparable to most calling cards.

Q: How do I obtain an Alfred University Authorization Code?
A: To obtain an Alfred University Authorization Code, please go to the Telephone Office in the ITS area, ground floor of Herrick Library. You must fill out the proper form with signature and you will be given an Authorization Code for campus phones.

Q: Do I have to have voicemail?
A: Voicemail is available to all students residing in residence halls and campus.

Q: How do I have voicemail turned on?
A: Sign up cards will be available for voicemail in the Telecommunications Office. You must sign a Voicemail request card for voicemail to be activated.

Q: What if I forget my voicemail password?
A: You must submit a work order via email to Telecommunications Office stating your name, room number, telephone extension number and the fact that you need your password reset. Work orders will not be taken over the telephone.

Q: What do I do if my phone is not working?
A: If you have a telephone or voicemail problem, you must make a request to Telecommunications Office. Be sure to state your name, residence hall and room, telephone extension, and describe in detail the problem you are having. If it is a line problem our technician will take care of it. If it is your telephone, we do not repair personal phones.

Q: Where do I pay my telephone bill?
A: You will receive an itemized listing of your telephone charges monthly in your Powell Box. The total amount of your bill will be placed on your student account. This balance is to be paid each month in the Student Service Center in Seidlin Hall. The office is open to accept payments from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Q. What if there's something wrong with my bill?
A: Any questions about your bill need to be directed to the Telecommunications Office. Email: Telecommunications Office.

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