2018 Employee Recognition

Alfred University recognizes its staff for many years of service, retirements and service awards.

One Year of Service
Name Title
Brian Dalton VP, Enrollment Management
Tamara Schweigart Secretary, Health and Human Performance
Abigail Griffith Director, Judson Leadership Center
Andrew Crowner Boiler Tender/Night Watchman
Linda Houle Secretary, Dirs of Development
Carole-Lynn French Front Desk Clerk Saxon Inn
Monica Morrison Custodian
Trina Cook Admin Assistant Business & Finance
Jason Amore VP, University Advancement
Andrew Makasziw Desktop Technician
Tracy Blake Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Dakota Pruiss Head Volleyball Coach
Tracy Waters Custodian
Amber Lewis Administrative Aide
Alexandra Argentieri Associate Director, Annual Fund
Heidi Hahn Assistant Professor, Painting
Brenda Gertzen Custodian
Roger Johnson Multi Trades/Bus Driver
Alice Hallaran Associate Director, Residence Life
Martin Vossler Admin Systems Support Specialist
David Gottfried Deputy Director, Business Development
Lindsey Gertin Admissions Operations Specialist
Monica Reginio Secretary, Powell Institute
Del Rey Honeycutt Director, Wellness Center
Allison Grossman Field Experience Coordinator
April Heckman Secretary, Career Development Center
Bambi Learn Custodian
Whitney Hubbs Assistant Professor, Photography
Jaime Castillo Assistant Professor, Counseling
Fred Farley Assistant Professor, Management
David Marsh Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Cole Racho Clinical Assistant Professor Marketing
Rachel Roth Assistant Professor, School of Psychology
Nicholas Schlegel Assistant Professor, Communication
Rebecca Stewart Janitor
Roy LaFleur Network Systems Administrator
Mark Zupan President
5 Years of service image5 Years of Service
Name Title
Richard Stephens Provost
Dale Watson Multi-Trades Maintenance
Joshua Knight Assistant Mechanic
Natalie Skwarek Secretary/Archives Assistant, Herrick
Jessica Hurlbut Assistant Athletic Director
Bethany Stiller Secretary, College Professional Studies
Cassandra Yanda Custodian
Lydia McCarthy Assistant Professor, Photography
Joseph Kirtland Assistant Professor, Physics
David Crenshaw Director, Fabrication Center
Paul Vecchio Athletic Director
10 years of service image10 Years of Service
Name Title
Jennifer Posener Assistant Dean, College of LAS
Brett Arno Library Systems Support Specialist
William Riefer Multi-Trades Maintenance
Melanie Auman Assistant Director, Residence Life
Coral Lambert Associate Professor Sculpture
Zachary Hamm Clinical Associate Professor
John D’Angelo Associate Professor, Chemistry
Christopher Foster

Associate Professor, Music Director of Bands

Dale Inglett Associate Professor, Art
John Hosford Art Librarian/Coordinator Library
Eric Feenaughty Maintenance Supervisor
Jill Crandall Assistant Director, CDC
15 years of service image15 Years of Service
Name Title
Emilie Carney Assistant Dean, Inamori School of Engineering
Elena Wallace Financial Aid/Enrollment Specialist
John Dougherty Chief of Public Safety
Michelle Pomeroy Associate Director, Admissions
Susan Benson Janitor
Brett Hunter Associate Professor, Sculpture
Angie To Associate Professor, Foundations
Chase Angier Professor, Dance
Roger Loucks Professor, Physics
Brian Striker Men’s/Women’s Swim Coach
Ronald Latham Custodian/Bus Driver
20 years of service image20 Years of Service
Name Title
Victoria Westacott Director, Writing Center
Walter McConnell Professor, Ceramics
Mary McInnes Professor, Art History
Linda Sikora Professor, Ceramics
Kevin Wixted Professor, Painting
Janet Marble Alumni Engagement Officer
Cecilia Beach Professor, French
Allen Grove Professor, English
Lisa Lantz Professor, Music/Strings
Garrett McGowan Professor, Chemistry
25 years of service image25 Years of Service
Name Title
Frank DiRaimondo Admin Assistant, Provost
Linda Travers Data Base Manager
Luanne Crosby Professor, Voice and Chorus
David De Graff Professor, Astronomy
Mark Fugate Professor, Psychology
Becky Prophet Professor, Theatre
Pamela Schultz Professor, Communication
30 years of service image30 Years of Service
Name Title
Kathleen Torrey Associate Director, Admissions
Marilyn Saxton Secretary, Human Studies
Billie Burns Admin Assistant, Grad Programs
Robert Myers Professor, Anthropology and Public Health
Peer Bode Professor, Video Art
William Carlson Professor, Systems Engineering
Ronald Mulhollen Principles Store Clerk
35 years of service image35 Years of Service
Name Title
Nancy Furlong Professor, Psychology
Susan Mayberry Professor, English
Otto Muller Professor, Geology
Robert Maiden Professor, Psychology
Wilfred Huang Director, Confucius Institute
40 years of service image40 Years of Service
Name Title
Colleen Harvey Secretary, Athletics
Stephen Crandall Director, Herrick Library Dean of Libraries

Retirement imageRetiree Years of Service Recognition for the period of 7/1/17-6/30/18
Name Title Start Date Retirement Date Years of Service
Nancy Evangelista College of Professional Studies 8/26/1997 12/31/17 20 years
Nancy Freelove Secretary of Performing Arts 8/1/1994 7/31/2017 22 years
Mark Fugate Professor of Psychology 8/25/1992 6/30/18 25 years
Rodney Warner Grounds/Landscaper 1/12/1987 8/21/17 30 years
Rosalie DiRaimondo Secretary of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering 8/17/1987 1/5/18 30 years
Donna Sturdevant Director of Procurement Services 4/15/1985 12/28/17 32 years
Andrea Gill Professor of Ceramic Art 8/28/1984 8/31/17 33 years
Judy Scott Secretary of the School of Business 11/1/1979 6/1/18 38 years
Larry Greil Professor of Sociology 1/31/1977 6/30/18 41 years

Cathy Johnson Service Award

Portrait of Cathy Schnurle

Award Criteria

  • Abide by the high standards of professionalism
  • Demonstrate proactive engagement with tasks lying ahead
  • Complete tasks with attention to detail and the utmost care for quality in presentation

Winner: Cathy Schnurle, Secretary, Financial Aid

Comments About Cathy

  • "To watch Cathy in action is like a master's class in how to best represent Alfred University."
  • "Cathy is impeccably dressed and gives off a motherly vibe that helps put students at ease when discussing financial aid."
  • "She remains a life time learner about financial aid and how to best translate what can be financial aid speak into easily understandable term of English."
  • "Cathy's professionalism provides a model of behavior within the department. Her care with the students and the anxiety talking money can bring is a level of compassion I continually hope to aspire to. She truly is the glue that helps to keep our office running."
  • "Cathy has always remained, to me, a beacon of how it should be done. I am a better person for having worked with Cathy."
  • "Cathy is a great thinker and is always thinking ahead when it comes to our different cycles within the aid year."
  • "Cathy is one of the most detail oriented people I know."

Honorable Mention Nominees For Cathy Johnson Award

  • Dan Napolitano - Assistant Dean, School of Art and Design
  • Jill Crandall - Assistant Director, Career Development Center
  • Valerie Daciw - Employer Relations Coordinator, Career Development Center
  • Linda Sootheran - Technical Processes Manager - Herrick Memorial Library
Image of Dan Napolitano
Image of Jill Crandall
Image of Valerie Daciw
Image of Linda Sootheran

Saxon Service Award

Image of Patricia Debertolis

Award Criteria

  • Fosters a positive attitude
  • Demonstrates initiative and stands out among the AU community
  • Exemplifies the purple and gold Saxon spirit

Winner: Patricia Debertolis, Associate Dean of Students

Comments About Patricia

  • "Tricia has worked tirelessly for so many years to advance the learning and leadership of students and in our community, as well as cultivating leaders of all gender identities. In addition, she contributes to the local community in so many ways. I can't imagine how she gets any sleep."
  • "Tricia is one of our primary Title IX investigators. This is gritty and emotionally draining work that very few people are willing to do, but that has helped AU become a safer campus and has held students responsible for sexual assault and misconduct."
  • "For 25+ years she has developed leaders within Student Senate including many people who have gone on to leadership positions following their student government experience."
  • "Within the last two years Patricia's already small office has dealt with the absence of a diversity professional for a year, and then the absence of a Director of Student Activities for several months. Patricia, along with Eliza, stepped up to fill both roles. This was exhausting work and Patricia always remained positive and saw opportunities rather than limits."
  • "Tricia IS Alfred University and no one wears purple and gold like she does."

Honorable Mention, Nominees For Saxon Award

  • Debra Campbell - Mail Clerk, Procurement Services
  • Brian Striker - Men's/Women's Swim Coach
  • Bethany Stiller - Secretary, College of Professional Studies
Image of Debra Campbell
Image of Brian Striker
Image of Bethany Stiller

Bob Condrate Lifelong Learner Award

Image of Nadine Shardlow

Award Criteria

  • Continually seeks further education/professional development to enhance his/her growth
  • Demonstrates a passion for gaining knowledge over a sustained period of time
  • Proactively shares their knowledge and/or expertise with campus community

Winner: Nadine Shardlow, Director, HEOP and EOP

Comments About Nadine

  • "Nadine has been hungry for new knowledge and learning that she can apply in her constant focus on student learning and the student experience."
  • "Last year Nadine completed her Masters Degree, which she started years ago but put aside to focus on work and family."
  • "Nadine is generous with her own knowledge, supporting her staff in learning and growing, and displays a constant craving for more, more, more!"
  • "Nadine is continually attending workshops and joining professional organizations."
  • "Nadine, shares resources with the faculty and staff on campus. Inspiring students, engaging others in campus discussions and enthusiastically attending all open meetings on campus."
  • "Nadine is the one person in my division most likely to send me articles to read, webinars to consider, and other professional development materials."