2019 Employee Recognition

Alfred University recognizes its staff for many years of service, retirements and service awards.

One Year of Service

  • Pamela Costello
  • Logan Gee
  • Melissa Gough
  • Stephen Pribble
  • Tracy Squires
  • Jason Barnes
  • Timothy Heckman
  • Pamela Jones
  • Jane Gilliland
  • Shelly Grant
  • Cody Crippen
  • Angie Taylor
  • Christina Vetter
  • Laurie Smith
  • John Lewis
  • Grace Gertzen
  • Craig Yanni
  • Kimberly Morisseau
  • Brandon Harrison
  • Erin McGaffigan
  • Mark Riordan
  • Jacob Yale
  • Megan Thomas
  • Jenny DeSanto
  • Jeffrey McDowell
  • Samantha Sloan
  • Holly Shulman
  • Michael Honeycutt
  • Diana Dalton
  • Junjun Ding
  • Dan Lu
  • Kayleigh Misner
  • Zachariah Martin
  • Lacey Gosnell
  • Elena Yee
  • Sarah Broderick
  • Glenn DePuy
5 Years of service image

5 Years of Service

  • Anthony Aquilina
  • Cory Perkins
  • Victoria Gebel
  • Chelsea Ames
  • Tracy Valentine
  • Rachelle Remchuk
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • Amanda Khodorkovskaya
  • David Bailey
  • Sarah Blood
  • Della Carl
  • Ehsan Ghotbi
  • Steven Tomm
  • Sarah Cote
  • Trina Freberg
  • Rebekkah Palov
  • Lisa Porter
  • Betsy Kent
  • Bailey Grillo
  • Meghan Dwyer
  • Susan Wood
  • Joseph Zanghi
10 years of service image

10 Years of Service

  • William Stewart
  • Jessica Faughnan
  • Sara Love
  • Gayle Gebhard
  • Tiffany Horton
  • Corrie Burdick
  • Timothy Cox
  • Robert Reginio
  • Shawn Murrey
  • Corinne Fecteau
  • Meghanne Freivald
  • Brian Sullivan
15 years of service image

15 Years of Service

  • James Rumfelt
  • Anne Cornell
  • Elizabeth Niles
  • Jen Guarasci
  • Deborah Rollins
  • William Contino
  • Zong Dai
20 years of service image

20 Years of Service

  • Kelly Moore
  • Jeffrey Mulhollen
  • Jeffrey Hurlburt
  • Charles Barron
  • Brian Dodge
  • Hyojin Lee
  • Terri Drake
  • Carol Sliski
  • David Chamberlain
  • James Whitney
  • Donna Perkins
  • Jeffrey Houy
25 years of service image

25 Years of Service

  • James Babcock
  • Mark Smith
  • William Carty
  • Herbert Giesche
  • Steven Pilgrim
  • Theresa Gunn
30 years of service image

30 Years of Service

  • Janet Lynch
  • Donald Weinhart
  • Cynthia Mullen
  • Karen Grice
  • Michele Hluchy
  • Wallace Leigh
  • Joseph Rosiczkowski
  • Julie Slack
  • Albert Baker
  • Robert Cornell
  • Xingwu Wang
35 years of service image

35 Years of Service

  • Richard Walker
  • William Dibrell
  • Judy Linza
45 years of service image

45 Years of Service

  • Wayne Higby
Retiree Years of Service Recognition for the period of 7/1/18-6/30/19
Retiree Years of Service Recognition for the period of 7/1/18-6/30/19
Name Title Years of Service
Gerald Wynick Scanning Electron Microscopist 13 years
Leigh Wright Technical Services Assistant 32 years
Kaaren Reeder Admin Asst to the Dean LAS 10 years
Arthur Roberts Custodian 34 years
Verna Mullen Technical Services Assistant 20 years
Stephen Crandall Director Herrick, Dean of Libraries 41 years
Debra Chilson Secretary, CACT 14 years
Jana Atlas Professor, School Psychology 23 years
Gordon Atlas Professor of Psychology 29 years
J. Stephen Crosby Professor of Theatre 24 years
Diane Cox Associate Professor Sculpture 27 years
Norm Pollard Dean of Students 27 years
Larry Casey Registrar 24 years

Cathy Johnson Service Award

Portrait of Marty
Donor for Award: Bill Holly '51

Award Criteria

  • Abide by the high standards of professionalism
  • Demonstrate proactive engagement with tasks lying ahead
  • Complete tasks with attention to detail and the utmost care for quality in presentation

Winner: Marty Fuller Bookkeeper

Comments About Marty

  • “The hard work and consistent effort that Marty shows, builds stronger relationships across the university, detects problem before they start and increases the accuracy of her tasks.”
  • “Marty’s years of service have given her knowledge of upcoming events which she uses to remind students or co-workers of what might be due or how the business office can assist them.”
  • “I have known and worked with Marty for five years and have always found her dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual. In fact, I have never worked with a person who gives as much attention to detail as she does.”
  • "She often takes it upon herself to look for ways to save the college money, reimburse employees accurately and proactively research the smallest of details for many travel expenditure reports.”
  • "Marty’s customer service skills are exemplary. She is one of the friendliest people I know and she always arrives with a smile on her face and a happy greeting for her co-workers. Marty also has an ability to communicate effectively with all of her co-workers, from the director level to our hourly student worker.”

Honorable Mention Nominees For Cathy Johnson Award

  • Amanda Azzi-Bursar- Student Accounts
  • Kim Wyant- HR Associate- HR
  • Beth Niles- Secretary- Center for Academic Success
  • Nadine Shardlow- Executive Director of H/EOP and Center for Advising
  • Dan Hausman/Tom George/Zach Lyman/Chris Walsh- ITS
  • Mary Lou Coleman- Secretary/Bookkeeper- ITS
  • Cathy Mitchell- Database/Gift Specialist- University Advancement
  • MT Sick- Secretary- Student Affairs
Image of Azzi Amanda
Image of Kim Wyant
Image of Beth Niles
Image of Nadine Shardlow
Image of Dan Hausman
Image of Tom George
Image of Zach Lyman

Image of Chris Walsh
Image of Mary Lou Coleman
Image of Cathy Mitchell


Saxon Service Award

Jill Crandall
Donor for Award: Jay Yedvab '56

Award Criteria

  • Fosters a positive attitude
  • Demonstrates initiative and stands out among the AU community
  • Exemplifies the purple and gold Saxon spirit

Winner: Jill Crandall Assistant Director of the Career Development Center

Comments About Jill

  • "Jill is a consummate professional in so many ways it is hard to name them all. She is always prepared, kind, considerate and willing to collaborate to make any project successful. She is organized and does her homework. She has been at the University long enough to know who to contact and where and how to facilitate partnerships in different areas of the University. She shares this knowledge freely and is always willing to help and train in that aspect. She is very aware when working with others, meeting with students and parents and faculty staff that a good impression is important since we are representing the University as a whole.”
  • "Jill is engaged EVERYWHERE on campus, she is on many committees and completes projects and tasks on those committees with ease all while teaching a class and counseling students. She is well respected by faculty and staff and that respect is from her high standards of professionalism.”
  • "Jill not only is engaged on campus but also has so much spirit for the University as a whole. She is present at many of the athletic events and other events around campus. She loves being a Saxon!”
  • "The impact of Jill's work in our office is hard to measure. Jill makes impacts every day on our students. She prepares them not only to get jobs, but to be efficient and compassionate employees.”

Honorable Mention Nominees For Saxon Award

  • Julie Slack - Senior Administrative Programmer- ITS
  • Bailey Grillo - Secretary- Math and Science
  • Dan Hausman - Learning Spaces Technical Specialist- ITS
Image of Julie Slack
Image of Bailey Grillo
Image of Dan Hausman


Bob Condrate Lifelong Learner Award

Image of Emry Westacott
Donor for Award: Bill Holly '51

Award Criteria

  • Continually seeks further education/professional development to enhance his/her growth
  • Demonstrates a passion for gaining knowledge over a sustained period of time
  • Proactively shares their knowledge and/or expertise with campus community

Winner: Dr. Emrys Westacott Professor of Philosophy

Comments About Emrys

  • "Reads voraciously. Writes voraciously. Continually inspires students to learn beyond their academic specialty. Offers new courses regularly.”
  • "He is the co-director of the Bergren Forum. He also writes for e-journals and makes his articles available to the entire community.”
  • "Emrys makes Alfred visible. His books have been translated into at least four different languages. He has a national reputation.”
Employee Recognition Committee Members
Name Title
Kayleigh Misner Human Resources Generalist
Cori Carlin Research Account Specialist
Alice Hallaran Associate Director of Residence Life
Robert Maiden Professor of Psychology
Steve Pilgrim Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Katarina Riesing Assistant Professor of Foundations
Jeff Scharl Admissions Counselor
Shannon Yocum Secretary to the Divisions of Envs/Geol/Biol/Phys/Astr