College of Ceramics Internal Control Program

TO: Faculty & Staff, NYS College of Ceramics

FROM: Dr. Doreen Edwards, Acting Vice President for Statutory Affairs / Head, NYS College of Ceramics

All of us share a responsibility to make our working environment safe and effective. One important way we can help achieve this goal is follow appropriate campus policies on internal control.

Internal controls are methods and measures adopted by the college to promote the thoughtful and efficient use of state resources. Internal controls help ensure that all funds and cash receipts are properly accounted for and promptly deposited in bank accounts. Internal controls provide that complete and accurate records of transactions involving students are maintained, and that college equipment is properly cared for and used only for its intended purposes. In short, a well-designed system of internal controls safeguards college assets and ensures accuracy and reliability in the use of such assets and in the performance of our respective jobs. All of us, as College employees, are responsible for adhering to the institution’s applicable internal controls.

In addition to the college’s system of internal controls, the Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act of 1987 formalizes New York State’s commitment to efficient and effective business practices, quality services, and ethics in the operations of state government. As a unit of SUNY, The NYS College of Ceramics must also comply with the requirements of this legislation.

Understanding the need for and value of internal controls is a responsibility of all directors, supervisors and staff, as well as deans and faculty. If you have any questions concerning the internal controls program itself, please contact our Statutory Internal Control Officer, Cynthia Mullen, at 2780.

With your support, the College will continue to meet the challenges of a changing global, regulatory and financial environment.

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