Adding a Network Printer to an Apple Computer

This page contains helpful information on how to add a network printer to a Mac.

Installing the Printer Drivers

    1. Open a browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) and enter the name of your printer into the address bar and press enter. IE: pr-binns-copier-6      print1
    2. Click “Install Software” in the bottom left of the pageprint2
    3. Click on the Macintosh PPD Files Link and then select TOSHIBA_MiniMFP_X4.dmg.gz to download the driver files.                  print3
    4. Click Open and the system will unpack and open the driver image. Double click on the box.
    5. Click Continue                                                          print5
    6. Click Continue                                                             print6
    7. Click Agree                                                                     print7
    8. Click Continue                                                            print8
    9. Click Install                                                                      print9
    10. Enter your username and password                          print10

Adding the Printer

    1. Go to Apple -> System Preferences                                  print11
    2. Select Print and Fax                                                              print12
    3. Click the "+" symbol to add a printer                               print13
    4. Hold down Control and click on the task bar next to Windows to bring up the context menu. Then select "Customize Toolbar..."                                print14
    5. Drag the Advanced Menu up to the toolbar and drop itprint15
    6. It will look like the following picture for a while          print16
    7. But then it will let you do it manually. Just duplicate the settings from the image below.print17
    8. Under Select Printer Software, just type in Toshiba and it should be the only option (Pick the USA version)                                                                  print18
    9. Click Add and then duplicate the options below              print19
    10. Press Continue and you are all set                               print20

NOTE: If your prints aren’t going through and it says the printer is paused and needs authentication, or it prompts you for a user name and password, then just enter “ALFRED\Username” for your user name and your Alfred password and select save in keychain. If you need any additional help, please call 607-871-2222

Adding a Network Printer to a PC

This page contains helpful information on how to add a network printer to a PC.