Banner & SP2 Issues

Provided below are some tips to help with Banner and SP2 issues.

Instructions on how to Enable Pop-Ups in IE

To allow only specific pop-ups:

Under XP SP2 you can enable the pop-up blocker and allow site-specific pop-ups. To do this:

    1. Open an Internet Explorer window
    2. Click on the "Tools" menu bar
    3. Choose Pop-up Blocker and then Pop-up Blocker Settingstools menu opened with pop-up blocker selected
    4. Type * as a site where pop-ups are allowed and click Add
      pop-up blocker menu

To allow ALL pop-ups: Open an Internet Explorer window.

  1. Click on “Tools” on the menu bar.
  2. Click on “Internet Options.”
  3. Click on the second tab, “Security.”
  4. If not already selected, click on “Internet” to select it.
  5. Click on “Custom Level.”
  6. Scroll down until you see “Use Pop-up Blocker” and click on the radio button next to “Disable.”
  7. Press “OK.”
  8. Press “Yes” when a message box appears, “Are you sure you want to change the security setting?”
  9. Press “OK.

popup menu detailed option