Mailbox Size Information

The Alfred University standard email mailbox size is 50 megabytes.

You will receive an error message when the mailbox size limit is reached.

You will continue to receive mail until your mailbox reaches a size of 75 megabytes. At that time you will receive another message that you can no longer send any mail. One last message will come when the mailbox reaches a size of 100 megabytes that you can no longer send or receive mail. The sender will also receive a message that their mail has not been delivered.

Regular mailbox maintenance will help to avoid receiving “mailbox over its size limit” error messages. The mail-serving computer generates these messages automatically when a mailbox reaches its size limit of 50 megabytes. Here are the steps to effective mailbox maintenance:

  • Delete any unnecessary messages out of your Inbox
  • Save large attachments to your computer and delete them out of the email
  • Delete messages from the Sent Items folder regularly
  • Set the Deleted Items folder to empty upon exiting of the program or empty the folder regularly
  • Use the Out-of-Office Assistant (Found under the Tools menu) to let people know you are on extended absence from the office

If you have performed all the maintenance as listed above but still feel you need the mailbox size increased, you may request a larger mailbox quota by emailing the Helpdesk or calling x2222.