Alfred University Emergency Teaching Plan - Option A

Faculty who do not currently use Canvas, but would like to while on-campus activities are suspended.

ITS will import a course template into your Canvas courses. The template uses the Module structure for navigation, rather than the course menu on the left. There are placeholder modules which are labeled, and include instructions for adding content. You will need to upload your syllabus, as well as a schedule of content and activities for the time that on-campus teaching is suspended. It is best to plan to teach online for the rest of the spring semester.

Request the Template

Layout of the Canvas courses page showing the different parts of the page with tool tips explaining each of them

The syllabus or schedule should include information on where to find assignments in Canvas, and the order in which they should be completed, with due dates.

To log into Canvas, please visit AU’s Canvas instance and enter your AU username (not the whole email address) and AU password. Your courses will appear on the Dashboard. Click a course to enter it.

It is recommended that you examine the existing syllabus and determine whether you will need to change the format of certain assignments. Some assignments may need to be adjusted for online delivery.

After you have added content to the course, you should use the check list below to make sure it is ready for student view.

Course Overview & Navigation

  • The course is published.
  • Each module is published.
  • The items within each module are arranged in chronological order (click and drag on left).
  • A printable syllabus is available.
  • Syllabus includes Canvas locations for content items and assignments (students know where to look).
  • Unused links have been removed from the course menu.
  • All assignments include instructions.

Usability & Accessibility

  • All web links are text, rather than the URL or “click here.”
  • Images contain alternate text.
  • One 12 pt. sans-serif font is used throughout the course and in attached documents.
  • Documents make use of default titles and formats in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • Text resources have a light background and dark text (colorful text is avoided).
  • Instructor’s contact information is included in the Syllabus.
  • Captions are available for videos (cc).

Course Technology

  • Technical requirements are stated in the syllabus.
  • If non-Canvas technologies are used, instructions are provided.
  • Contact information for the ITS Helpdesk is clearly stated.
  • The technology used in the course is current.

The course template will be applied to the cross-listed (CROSS) or combined section of the course in Canvas. All students enrolled in all sections will have access to the combined section. This will allow you to set up the course once for all students.