Alfred University Emergency Teaching Plan - Option C

Faculty who use Canvas, but who would prefer to have a real-time meeting component.

Faculty who choose this plan will use Canvas to teach their courses online for the remainder of the semester. Content and assignments will be available in Canvas, but there will also be a real-time meeting component.  Meetings can be held using the Conferences feature in Canvas. The Conferences feature uses Big Blue Button as the conferencing tool.

Some users have reported interruptions and quality concerns with Big Blue Button during peak usage times.  ITS supports the videoconference platform Microsoft Teams, which is provided by our Office 365 agreement.  This tools reside outside of Canvas.

For consistency, meetings should take place at the regularly scheduled class time.  Please see Emergency Teaching Plan – Option B for general Canvas guidelines.

It is possible that not all students will be able to participate in the scheduled meetings. Conferences can be recorded, but the recordings will only be available for 14 days. Any media played during a conference will not be part of the recording.

All participants should use headphones to cut down on feedback and background noise.

Canvas courses page with the conferences link circled in the course menu

The Conferences link is available on the course menu.