Managed Student Printing Program - FAQs

This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions about Alfred University's print program.

paperHow do I check my balance to see how many free printed pages I have left?

A PaperCut client will be installed on all lab and library computers. Students will be able to check their balances either by accessing the client, or visiting the PaperCut web site. Instructions will be provided as they become available.

How do I add money to my account?

Students will be able to add money to their accounts by logging into a web page that will be set up by ITS.

If I add money to my account and do not use it all, will I get it back?

No. Any dollar amount added to a student account will be non-refundable. It is suggested that small amounts be added at a time.

Which computer labs have computers with duplex (double-sided) printing capabilities?

Herrick Lab, Olin 214 Lab, Herrick and Scholes Libraries

Will student groups have their own printing accounts, or do group members need to use their own accounts for group-related printing?
Each student group will have its own account. It will be up to the group to decide how it is used, and who is allowed to use it.

How many copies will be allotted to student groups?

1000 pages per semester.