Student Print Management at Alfred University

What is it?

ITS computer labs and AU's libraries have a Managed Printing Program for students. The purpose of this is to reduce unnecessary printing in public computer labs on campus.

How does it work?

Using a print management software program called PaperCut, AU assigns each student a set number of free printed pages per semester. Each student can view his or her printing balance as a dollar amount. After a student has exceeded the number of free prints, he or she may add money to his or her account and continue printing. At the end of the month, the individual's student account is charged for the extra amount. Any dollar amount added to a student's account is non-refundable.

Students print using a "fob" or by entering their Alfred username and password. See more instructions.

What is the cost of each printed page?

The cost of printing per type
Type of Printing Total Cost
One Side, Black & White $0.03
Two Side, Both Black & White $0.03
One Side, Color $0.16
Two Sides, Both Color $0.16
Two Sides, One Black & White and 1 Color $0.10

What is my printing allowance?

All undergraduate students are provided a print balance of $10.50, or 350 black and white pages per semester. All graduate students are given a balance of $24.00 or 800 black and white pages per semester.

How do I check my balance and purchase more pages?

Visit My Printing to add money to your account
Check your balance
Further instructions are available for this process

How do I print from my personal computer?

Go to Web Print
Web Print Instructions

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