PaperCut™ Web Print from a Laptop

The WebPrint feature in PaperCut allows for printing from wireless devices to designated student printers and copier. All you need is access to the Internet, a valid PaperCut™ account, and sufficient print credits for the job you want to print.

Log in to WebPrint

  1. Open a Web Browser and type the following web address into the browser.
  2. You will see a page with the PaperCut™ logon screen. Enter your Alfred username and password then click Logon. The Username and Password are the same ones you use to log into your email.
  3. Click the Web Print option on the menu on the left

Using Web Print after log‐in

  1. To start a new job, click the Submit a Job >> link.
  2. The printer will be AUPrint.
  3. Click the Print Options and Account Selection button on the bottom right
  4. Enter the number of copies you want to print (maximum 10 copies at a time), and then click the
  5. Upload Document >>button. NOTE: There is no option for choosing Double or Single Sided printing. Alfred University has set up WebPrint to print double‐sided. If you need single‐sided you will need to save your document to your U:drive or a flash drive and print from a public printer.
  6. Use the Browse (Windows) /Connect (Mac) button to navigate to the file you want to print. Make sure it is one of the accepted file types as shown in the information box.
  7. Once you have chosen your file click on the Upload and Complete>> button
  8. If the job is accepted by Web Print you will see verification on the screen, any errors will show in this screen also. The status of your job will change as the job is being processed.
  9. Once the job status is “Finished”, you can log out of the PaperCut™ website and got to the printer and swipe your fob.

Things you should know:

File format alert – WebPrint will only accept PDF files and Microsoft Office program files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). If your file is NOT in a native MS Office program format, you should create a .pdf file of it before you attempt to upload and print in WebPrint.

No print options‐OPTIONS – When you use WebPrint you won’t see the Print Options dialog box. Things like: page range, # per page, duplex printing and other specialized options are not available with WebPrint.

Excel alert – if you want to print an excel spreadsheet make sure that it is the only worksheet in the workbook that contains data. WebPrint will print the entire workbook in the file that is uploaded. This means that if you have several worksheets (tabs) that contain data, they will ALL get printed. This could end up costing more money depending on how many worksheets you have in a workbook. Blank worksheets will not print. To print only one worksheet from a multi‐sheet workbook, simply copy the one worksheet to a new blank workbook. Some settings do not get copied with the data so remember to set up your page layout again so the formatting is correct for your data.

Powerpoint alert – When you choose to upload and print a PowerPoint file with WebPrint, it will print the individual slides. You will not get any other options. So, if you want to print Notes Pages, multiple slides per page, or any other views, you will need to print them from one of the public computers.