Private/Personal Information & Email Communication

Email is the official communication medium of Alfred University and email users can assume a reasonable level of security and privacy in their email communications. Users should understand that email, by its nature, is not a highly secure form of communication. Email is rarely encrypted when it is transmitted across the Internet or stored on servers. Private/personal Information on servers can persist for years. Furthermore, email can be readily forwarded from one user to another. As a result, University employees should:

  • Never communicate private information in email such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, private medical information, grade information or any information that is subject to HIPPA or FERPA regulations
  • If you receive an email that contains private information, please delete the message from all computers and mobile devices that may have downloaded the information. You will also need to delete the message from the “deleted items” or “trash”. To prevent additional unsecured transmissions of information, ask the individual to communicate future private information through the telephone.
  • Alfred University Information Technology Services does not request usernames and passwords via email. If you receive an email that requests your login information, please forward it to the ITS Helpdesk. Hackers are frequently sending very legitimate-looking emails to campus, with the goal of “phishing” for access to your email account.