For Android Devices

Mobile devices can be used to connect to the virtual labs if a computer is not available for use. The interface will be harder to work with due to not having a physical keyboard and mouse.

  1. Navigate to your app store and download/ install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App. Give the app any required permissions that it needs to run.
  2. After the app is installed it should show up on your phones home page. Click the Icon in order to launch the program.
  3. Click the “plus symbol (+)” in the top right of the screen to add a new connection. Please note that my screen shows two other connections that I already have added. These will not be present on your device and that is completely normal for your phone to be showing nothing in the open window.
  4. Select desktop in the dropdown.
  5. Click on “Show additional options” dropdown.
  6. In the PC name field put the IP address that will be provided by your instructor. IP address shown in future screenshots is just used as an example. Please do not use it to connect.
  7. Click on the “Gateway” dropdown.
  8. In the Gateway dropdown, select “Add Gateway.”
  9. In the Add Gateway box, enter “” After you have done so, select “Save.”
  10. Once you have verified that both your IP address and your gateway are displaying properly, Select “Save” in the top right.
  11. You should now see your newly established connection show up on the main Remote Desktop connections page. Note: your IP will be different than mine.
  12. Click on your new connection to launch your remote session.
  13. You will now see your phone start to establish your connection.  Please wait, this can take a few moments to establish a connection.
  14. When the Logon Screen appears, type your AU user name and password.  Same as your email but do not include the “” for username. Click “Connect.”
  15. When the certificate warning screen comes up, click on “Connect.”
  16. Your device should now start logging you in.
  17. Once your device makes it to the computer desktop it is now ready to use. You may use the computer as if you were sitting in front of it at an AU lab space. Note: on mobile the mouse and keyboard will be harder to work with.