Any Apple iMac or MacBook

If you have an Apple computer, you can use the Apple store to download Microsoft Remote Desktop.

  1. Open the App Store on your computer and search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop.”
  2. Select and install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 onto your computer.
  3. In your launchpad select Microsoft Remote Desktop to open the program.
  4. In the Microsoft Remote Desktop window, click on the “Add PC” button.
  5. In the PC name field put the IP address that was provided by your instructor. IP address shown is just used as an example. Please do not use it to connect.
  6. In the Gateway dropdown box select “Add Gateway.”
  7. In the Add a Gateway pop-up, type “” and then click “Add.”
  8. Verify that your IP address is still shown and then select “Add.”
  9. You should now see the connection you created. Double click on it to launch the connection.
  10. You will see your computer start to establish a connection.
  11. When the password box comes up type your AU user name and password. This will be the same as your email but do not include the “” for username. Click “Continue.”
  12. When the certificate warning box pops up, select “Continue.”
  13. You will now be connected to your remote lab computer. Use it as you would normally use a lab computer if you were physically sitting in a lab on campus.