Reserve a Virtual Lab

To schedule an online class in one of the five available virtual labs, please refer to the following instructions.

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to your calendar.
  2. Click on new meeting in the top left under the home tab. In the drop down select “New Meeting.”.
  3. In the “untitled – meeting” page that pops up, add anyone that you will want to attend the meeting in the “To” field..
  4. Add a subject that notifies the participants what the meeting is about..
  5. Hit the “Rooms” button to the left of the “Location” field..
  6. Select the room that you would like to have your students connect to. You should see all 5 computer labs available and the number of available seats per lab. You will need to ensure that the number of students connecting does not exceed the capacity of the lab space.  Hit “OK” once you have selected the desired lab classroom..
  7. Select the appropriate “Start time” and “End time” for your meeting..
  8. Type a message with any specific details that you want to make available to your participants..
  9. Hit “Send.”.

Your meeting has now been properly scheduled.  All participants included in the “To” field will now receive an email notifying them of the meeting.  Now you should refer to the other document that I am sending along with this one to help the students connect to the virtual lab.