Homepage Asset Resolutions

Below is information on variation image resolutions that are used on the website.

Homepage Asset Resolutions

Hero Image

This image is a 'Poster' for the video. This image will show until the video is loaded. Once the video is loaded it will be displayed over this photo. On mobile views, this photo will be used and the video will NOT show due to load times.

  • 1440px by 800px
  • Aspect Ratio 9 : 5
  • File Size: less than 500kb

Hero Video

The video is auto played when the page loads, NO audio, and the ideal max length is 30 seconds, absolute max length 45secs.

  • Frame Size: 1280 by 720
  • Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
  • File Size: ideally less than 20mb

**Please Note: the full video will not be seen at all screen sizes, and keep in mind that the site header, and main brand message is overlayed on top of the video. For responsive design, on larger screens the video will be cropped slightly. You may want to test this out to see.

Brand Pillar Hero

The 1st full width image after the program buttons. A gold frame will animate overlaying the image. A White, brand message text will overlay as well within the right side of the frame. Be considerate of contrast between image and white brand text.

  • 1400px by 590px
  • Aspect Ratio 140 : 59
  • File Size: less than 1mb

Brand Pillar Checkboards

The 1st image is kept fleshed to the left side of screen, and continuing checkerboard items alternate sides forming a "Zig Zag" pattern.

  • 972px by 648px
  • Aspect Ratio 3 : 2
  • File Size: less than 800kb

"A World in One Place" Gallery Images

All images will be shown, without a "View More" button so just be conscious of how long this gallery gets. Ideally should be the best 10-12 various images that encapsulate what the campus has to offer to attract prospective students. Add fun captions and links for the images to be both informative and reinforce the brand.

When creating the gallery you may upload a mix of landscape and vertical full size optimized images. The CMS will automatically create thumbnail sized images with width of 400px and respective height.

**Please Note: You will need to build out a separate gallery page for this. See the Creating a Gallery in the CMS documentation.

Student Story "Campus Spotlight" or "We Do It Together" Section

A unique collab story is recommended. You can chose a single student story as well.

  • 824px by 840px
  • Aspect Ratio 103 : 105
  • File Size: less than 1mb

**Please Note: you'll need a separate alfred story type page built out in order select and populate this section.

If the image from the student story page doesn't look good. You can create a separate image making sure it is optimized for web and use that image instead.