Information Technology Services

Computer Lease Program

MikeITS has a leasing program with which allows us to renew computers on a three year cycle. Additional computers may be added to the lease program at a departmental cost.


  1. Assure that each faculty or staff member who uses computing resources has access to a computer of sufficient capability to fulfill his/her responsibilities.
  2. Assure appropriate access to computing resources in classrooms, labs, residence halls, libraries and other public areas in keeping with the mission of the institution.


Faculty and staff have the option of selecting one standard Windows or Apple computer. Computers are replaced on a three-year cycle.

A standard software suite is provided with each computer. Individual departments or colleges are responsible for funding and supporting specialized software.

Printers and other peripherals are not included in the computer replacement program and must be funded by individual departments or colleges.

Student organizations are provided with access to computers at the discretion of the Director of Student Activities. Leased computers are replaced on a three-year cycle.

Public lab computers are replaced on a three-year cycle.

Computers purchased with departmental or college funds, grants, or one-time funding do not automatically become part of the computer replacement lease program at the end of three years.

New Requests

Requests to replace existing equipment with leased machines and requests to place new equipment on the lease program should be directed to the appropriate Dean or Department Head who, upon approval, will prioritize the requests and will provide annual budget support for such a request.

If your department is interested in adding to the lease program, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at

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