Web Standards : Webpage Creation & Maintenance

Requesting a New Site or Page

  • New website: All new website requests should be submitted to the AU Webmaster via the Webpage Request Form. The Webmaster will share the request with the Visual Identity Standards Committee and the WAG for a decision within two weeks.
  • New page request: New page requests and content revisions should be submitted to the AU Webmaster via the Webpage Request Form.
  • Routine requests: Routine requests for new pages, photo updates, etc. will be handled by the Webmaster. Exact URL and locations must be supplied. The WAG evaluates projects submitted to the Webmaster and sets a priority for each request.
  • Websites hosted on AU servers must follow our Directory Structure Guidelines.
  • Third party vendors:
    • Programs interested in contracting with a third party vendor for website/webpage creation must first contact the Webmaster who will forward the request to the Visual Identity Standards Committee and the WAG for approval.
    • Webpages created by third parties are subject to the same technical review standards as Contribute users.
    • The Alfred University logo must be placed in the banner of all third party websites with a link back to www.alfred.edu. The site needs to look like www.alfred.edu and if requested the web team will provide the website CSS.
  • Organizational webpages: AU student organizations that wish to build new or update existing organizational pages may do so on people.alfred.edu. Representatives of student organizations should obtain permission from their advisor and the WAG before creating new webpage(s) and then again prior to final publication.

Updating Pages Using Contribute

  • Pages on AU's external sites will be submitted for a technical review by an Administrator/Publisher before being published. Updates should be checked prior to submission for review. Internal/portal pages can be published directly but should be checked prior to publication.
  • Profiles: Faculty and staff can create or update their web profiles. The information in these profiles (automatically inserted from the Banner database) can be augmented through links to personal webpages located on people.alfred.edu. Instructions for editing your profile.
  • Non-compliance: WAG (Web Advisory Group) reserves the right to remove pages with outdated content. Failure to comply with the Web Standards will result in the loss of Contribute privileges and may result in links to non-compliant pages being removed from the University website.

A Contribute Manual is available in the Public folder of the U drive, U:\public\ITS\Contribute Instructions.

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