Faculty Research Mentor Award

The Office of the Provost and Chief Operating Officer continues to acknowledge and reward faculty who are outstanding mentors for undergraduate research and scholarly activity. The Faculty Research Mentor Award recognizes those individuals who are outstanding mentors to students engaged in research or scholarly activity and are actively engaged themselves in advancing scholarship in their field.

Up to one award will be offered in each of the following categories this academic year: physical/life and mathematical sciences, undergraduate engineering, social sciences, humanities, visual and performing arts, and professional studies.

Faculty eligible for these awards must be nominated by a student or a colleague; self-nominations will not be considered. Faculty who have received a FRMA in the previous academic year are not eligible. Nomination letters must address:

  • The name and current position of the nominee here at Alfred University
  • The qualities of the mentor that make them deserving of this award in your opinion
  • A list of individuals who may be contacted for additional recommendations (students, alumni, faculty collaborators, other AU faculty) and their contact information (if known)
  • A comment about the contributions of the mentor to their research field (if the nominator is a faculty member)

Student opinions are especially valuable. The nomination letter should be delivered by email to the awards committee at Argus. Nominees will be alerted by the award committee and are responsible for submitting or arranging the submission of the following items to the committee:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • A list of student posters, papers, shows etc. over the past five years at Alfred (or less if a faculty member has been at Alfred fewer than five years). Please be sure that each entry include the full author list, presentation/paper/show title, venue (including city and state), and date. If such a list is already included as part of your CV, please indicate this explicitly in the letter/email accompanying your application materials when they are submitted. This information is likely a part of your annual faculty activity reports and may be copied and pasted from those documents into a single list.
  • A one-page statement of research/scholarly activity and how it relates to education here at Alfred University

Awardees will be selected based on a rubric developed by the ARGUS committee and approved by the Provost and Chief Operating Officer office and the Research and Scholarly Activity committee of the faculty senate.

Nominations will be solicited starting Friday, February 14th and will close at midnight on Monday, March 2nd. The awards committee will notify faculty members who have been nominated shortly after. Application materials for nominated faculty must be sent to Argus no later than March 20th. Award decisions will be communicated to recipients and to their Dean by the Provost and Chief Operating Officer Office in April.

Awards will be delivered to faculty recipients by the Provost and Chief Operating Officer on stage at the Honor’s Convocation and come with $500 of faculty development money.

Inaugural year – 2013

  • Physical/Life/Mathematical Sciences – Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo (Biology)
  • Engineering – Anthony Wren (Biomedical Materials Engineering Science)
  • Social Science – Karen Porter (Sociology)
  • Professional Studies – Frank Duserick (Business)


  • Visual and Performing Arts – D. Chase Angier (Performing Arts)
  • Physical/Life/Mathematical Sciences – Geoffrey Bowers (Chemistry)
  • Humanities – Robert Reginio (English)


  • Physical/Life/Mathematical Sciences - Frederic Beaudry (Environmental Studies)
  • Engineering – William Carty (Engineering)


  • Visual and Performing Arts – Linda Sikora (Ceramics)
  • Humanities – Robin Goodman (Communication Studies)


  • Social Sciences – Larry Greil (Sociology)