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The vehicle regulations set forth have been established for the orderly control of vehicles on the Alfred University campus. Vehicle regulations apply throughout the year.

For the purpose of these regulations, campus bounties consist of all properties owned or controlled by Alfred University. These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicle on the University campus.

Operating a motor vehicle on University properties is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owner and/or operator of the responsibility to assure that his/her vehicle is neither parked nor operated in violation of University regulations.

All employees, students, and visitors are required to obtain, learn and follow the campus parking rules and regulations.

There is no parking or standing (even with flashers) on any campus roadways. All vehicles must be parked between designated parking lines. Area not specifically designed for parking shall be considered “No Parking/Restricted” areas. The University, having marked approved spaces, is under no obligation to mark all areas where parking is prohibited.

The responsibility for finding a legal space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Inability to locate a space or a convenient space is not an excuse for violating University parking regulations.

Alfred University assumes no responsibility for a vehicle or its contents. This includes any damage caused by moving, towing and booting.

The operation of motorcycles in areas other than those designated for all motor vehicles is prohibited. The operation of snowmobiles, all –terrain or unlicensed vehicles neither is nor permitted on campus.

The enforcement of parking and vehicle regulations will be under the direction of the Office of Public Safety.

All vehicles, including automobiles, truck, motorcycles, and other licensed vehicles to be operated or parked on University property, must be registered immediately upon bringing it to campus with the Office of Public Safety in the Physical Plant Building.

Please note that having a permit DOES NOT guarantee a parking spot.

Student vehicle registration is $99.05 for the first vehicle, and $75.05 for each additional vehicle registered. A $5.95 permit fulfillment fee also applies to all permits. There will be no refunds issued after the first full week of classes. Each registered vehicle will be issued a decal that must be applied to the inside of lower left hand corner of the driver’s window.

Permits are issued to permanent, full-time, or part-time employees and will receive one permit with will be supplied in a form that can be transferred from one vehicle to another depending on the employees needs. If a second permit is requested, the employee will be charged $61.00. Temporary faculty/staff will be issued a special permit for periods required.

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Student veterans are eligible for reduced fee parking permits. Please inquire with the Chief of Public Safety for such discount before purchasing your permit at full price.

Student workers or Graduate students are not authorized for regular or special faculty/staff permits and must purchase a student permit to park on campus.

The Office of Public Safety must be notified within 48 hours if there is a change of license plate number or vehicle. The employee must register the vehicle prior to using the current tag. Students must remove the permit or parts thereof, and be returned to the Office of Public Safety where a new permit will be issued free of charge, If the permit is lost/or stolen or otherwise unobtainable, individuals will be required to pay a non-refundable $25.00 fee for administrative processing.

It is not the responsibility of the owner or person registering a vehicle to see that other drivers of his/her vehicle knows and adhere to these regulations.

An Alfred University Handicap permit will be issued to student and employees with a physical disability in order to park in a handicap parking spot. Proof of a permanent disability will be obtained with a copy of the driver’s license. Persons with a temporary disability must have a statement from their personal physician or the University Health Center indicting the length of time the permit will be required. Handicap parking spaces are located in close proximity to entrances to University buildings. The vehicle must also be registered with the Office of Public Safety.

Students who have a motor vehicle on campus temporarily must obtain a special permit with a cost of $15.00 per week.

Special parking permits for visitors or campus guests should be obtained from the Office of Public Safety and are only valid for 3 consecutive days. Visitors are subject to the same rules and regulations as a registered vehicle owner.

Signs have been erected indicating parking areas as either student or faculty/staff areas.

Faculty/staff parking as well as student and visitor parking are public parking from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m., unless signs identify specific parking areas as restricted at all times.

Vehicles with student stickers may park in any student area at any time and may not park in faculty/staff parking until public parking takes effect.

Employees may park in any faculty/staff area at any time and may not park in student parking until public parking takes effect.

No one is permitted to park at any time in any pedestrian area, fire lane, or otherwise restricted parking spaces. Parking is prohibited at all loading docks, entrances to building, crosswalks, fire hydrants, and in any area where signs, yellow curbing, or lines restrict parking. Cars parked in these areas are subject to booting or towing at the owner’s expense. There are loading/unloading zones, (maximum of 10 minutes only), located at the north and south sides of Harder Hall, the southeast corner of the McMahon Building, south side of the Millar Performing Arts Building, the north side of the F.W. Olin Building, and within the area of Pine Hill and Ford Street; please use flashers to indicate loading/unloading. Parking in these areas for any and all appropriate fines and/or booting vehicle. If your vehicle is parked in a restricted area because of a flat tire, dead battery, etc., please notify the Office of Public Safety by calling X2108.

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Operation of motor vehicles is prohibited in pedestrian areas of the campus with the exception of necessary service or delivery vehicles. A pedestrian area is any and all areas within a gate or gated sector that is usually closed, parking on a side walk, or blocking the entrance to a side walk. Contact the Office of Public Safety at 871-2108 if you need to load or unload within the gated areas.

All open campus streets are “public highways” as defined by New York Vehicle and Traffic Law and Alfred Village ordinances in addition to University regulations. The Alfred Police Department regularly patrols the campus streets. Some important points to remember:

Pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Campus speed limit is 15 mph

Driving motor vehicles on campus walkways, lawns or areas not specifically designed as roadways is prohibited and subject to a fine and replacement/repair and may be subject to loss of driving/parking privileges on campus for the remainder of the school year.

Following are the various fine invoked by the University for Violation of vehicle regulations and applies equally to faculty/staff and students.

No Permit $30

Parked in Handicap Area without proper permit $45

Pedestrian Area/Walkway $45

Restricted/Improper Parking $30

Fire Lane/ Roadway $50

Damage, Destorying, or Illegally Activating Parking Gates  $50

Please note that a vehicle may be booted for repeated tickets.

There is no parking, standing with flashers on, or driving on Academic Alley in front of or around Powell Campus Center except for delivery trucks and those with a valid University handicap permit. All others will be ticketed

Fines may be paid at Student Services in Seidlin Hall, from 9am to 4pm or

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Violations may be appealed within five school days from the date of issuance. After this time no appeals will be accepted.

Appeal may be filed using the appeals form supplied on (citations) or an appeals form can be obtained at the Office of Public Safety. An autonomous board consisting of students, faculty, and staff processes all appeals.

Booting is the disabling of a vehicle by applying a clamp to a wheel that can only be removed by the Office of Public Safety. If the boot is removed by a person or persons other than Public Safety Personnel, a fine/cost of missing boot and possible arrest may occur. Unregistered vehicles, vehicles parked in violation of regulation where signs and lot marking prohibit parking, or repeated tickets, will be booted. Vehicles may be booted even if presently located in a legal parking spot. When a vehicle is booted, all fines must be paid before the boot is removed, including a $25.00 removal fee.

Parking permits may be revoked at any time for repeated violation of these regulations or for the reckless operation of a motor vehicle which endangers life or property. The registration fee will not be refunded. Six or more tickets will result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the semester. The vehicle will need to be registered the following semester. If the owner wishes to keep the vehicle on campus.

Repeated failure to abide by traffic regulations is reflective of a behavioral pattern inconsistent with acceptable citizenship standards at Alfred University. In extreme cases, the Student Affairs staff can initiate disciplinary action against the chronic offender thought normal disciplinary channels.

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