Wellness Center Peer Education

Welcome to the Wellness Center's Peer Education webpage! Within you will find information on the Peer Education Program, which includes both Wellness Reps and Sexual Assualt Prevention Peer Educators.


Wellness Rep
  • Are student volunteers who encourage other students to consider the behaviors, attitudes, and actions that guide their lives.
  • Assist with health and wellness related programming focused on alcohol and substance abuse prevention, sexual health, fitness, nutrition and mental health promotion.
  • Work alongside the Health and Wellness Coordinator in accordance with the Wellness Center's mission and provide programming in the Residence Halls, in the classroom, and with campus-wide events.
  • Are concerned about people their own age and are willing to take a stand about issues that affect young people.
Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Educator
  • Are student volunteers that assist in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives that promote healthy relationships, positive communication, bystander intervention, and consent.
  • Help create a campus that is safe and free from sexual violence.
  • Work alongside the Health and Wellness Coorindator in accordance with Alfred University's Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Are trained to provide educational opportunities in the Residence Halls, classroom, and with campus-wide events.
What Can Peer Education Do For You?

Peer Educators have the chance to:

  • Assume a leadership position
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of friends and peers
  • Receive professional training
  • Work independently to create model prevention programs
  • Build their resumes
How Does Peer Education Benefit Students?

Having Peer Educators on campus can help to:

  • Create a safe and healthy atmosphere for students
  • Influence policy
  • Influence individual behavior
  • Provide leadership
  • Teach a holistic approach to well-being
Interested In Becoming a Peer Educator: Wellness Rep and/or Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Advocate?

Know What to Expect:

  • All Peer Educators must attend a 5-hour Peer Educator Training at the beginning of the Fall semester. Students who want to become a Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Educator must go through an additional 4-hour training.
  • Students can be both a Wellness Rep and a Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Educator.
  • Wellness Reps and Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Educators are required to participate in two programs per semester. Members must particpate for a minimum of two semesters.
  • All Peer Educators must attend bi-weekly group meetings with the Health & Welness Coordinator

To apply to the program, please fill out the Peer Educator Application and email it to khodorkovskaya@alfred.edu or bring it to the Wellness Center.


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