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Upcoming Writing-related Events

Pizza lunch served during workshops!

Unless otherwise noted, workshops take place in Seidlin 003.

Check back for upcoming events!

Available Workshops

Our Tutors work with the Writing Center Director to create and present workshops that are offered regularly and are also available by request of Faculty. The following is a list of currently offered workshops.

If there is another you would like to see, please e-mail us with your ideas.

Contact the Writing Center to request a workshop.

Introduction to the Writing Center

Intended to be presented in classes by request of faculty, this workshop provides a comprehensive overview of what the Writing Center is, how to make an appointment, and what to expect when you get there.

Runs about 30 minutes.


Writing a Professional E-mail

Faculty: Are you tired of receiving e-mails that seem abrupt, rude, and unplanned? Do you worry about the future of those students who, despite good intentions, always seem to offend you with their correspondence? Then this workshop is for your students!

Students: Are you mystified as to why your professor doesn't respond to your e-mails? Are you nervous about sounding professional when contacting Graduate schools or future employers? Are you just curious if you've been doing it right all these years? Then this workshop is for you!

Offered about once a year through the Writing Center. Available by request of Faculty for classes.

Runs about 40 minutes.

Essay question writing: How to beat the exam

This workshop covers tips and tricks for ensuring that you get all points possible on a written exam, from how to prepare to how to read the questions to how to actually write the exam. Created using input from faculty, students, and professional sources, this workshop will really get you thinking before the test so you can knock it out of the park when exam day arrives.

Offered about once a semester through the Writing Center. Available by request of Faculty for classes.

Runs about 50 minutes.

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