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Looking for a tutor with a similar major? Just trying to remember the name of the person who helped you in your last session? Check the list below!

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Charlie Best

Charlie Best is a junior Art and Design major with an intent to minor in Art History. They are passionate about reading widely, writing poetry, and expounding on the joys of Chicago Style. Outside of the Writing Center, Charlie can be seen overly caffeinated, working at the Moka Joka, collecting bugs, learning new musical instruments, or sewing in public.

Hannah Best
Ava Carney

Hi, I am a mixed media sculptor with a background in drawing and painting. This will be my last year in the Art and Design program. I have a strong interest in Japanese history and visual culture and have dabbled in marketing and business. I’m excited to talk to you about your interests and ideas and help in your writing process. I love looking for critters and sifting through thrift stores, so if you want to get serious about frogs or fashion, we can talk about that too! Writing has never failed to bring me closer to the artists, objects, and images I admire. 

Lydia Galarneau

I'm Lydia. I'm a senior majoring in Human Rights Advocacy and Communications through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. That means that I have knowledge about the areas of Political Science, Sociology, English, History, and Women's and Gender Studies. I'm never hydrated enough but I'm always ready to write. 


Eli Garcia

Hi! I'm Eli and I'm a junior English Major. In addition to this, I am an RA and a FYE Peer Leader! I love to write and I like theater too! Be forewarned... at any moment I may break into song.

Eli Garcia

Gregory Lastrapes

If you need help with writing a paper, Greg (the most wonderful junior Art and Design major) is the tutor for you! Seriously, I'll help you out. Can't see the importance of a white dog in the foreground? Come find out! My areas of interest are Art History, Biology, and Chinese. If you need help translating to or from Chinese, I'm your man! 加油!!

Gregory Lastrapes
Madeleine Lomax-Vogt

My name is Maddy and I'm a senior Chemistry major with minors in Computer Science and Science Policy. I love to talk about fantasy books and I'm currently trying to read a book about every US President. When I'm not studying, I like to play board games (especially Dominion) and PC games (League of Legends and LOTRO).

Rebekah Tribble

I am a Business Administration and Spanish major from Chicago. I always look to approach ideas from various angles—so I admire most all manners of storytelling—especially the shocking and surprising. This includes tons of types of movies and books—even horror. I also love to travel and step outside of my own culture; both to challenge my own assumptions about life, and feed my curiosity about what is on “the other side” of virtually anything. Lately some of my favorite authors are: Ray Bradbury, Hunter S. Thompson, and Stephen King.

Emily Tuttle

I am a junior majoring in Psychology and completing a Pre-Vet concentration with the goal of becoming a large animal vet. I’m from a small town in Connecticut. I love eating (maybe a little too much), reading, writing, horseback riding, and playing board games, but I could probably talk for hours about almost anything!

Emily Tuttle
Cassidy Weese

I’m a senior double major in English and Clinical/Counseling Psychology. I love gardening, and am known to keep an obscene amount of plants of all types in my room. When I’m not tending to my plants, I like to read, watch movies, and volunteer at animal shelters. While I love all animals, my main goal in life is to pet as many dogs as possible.

Cassidy Weese
Vicki Westacott

I am the director of the Writing Center.  I love to work with all writers on all kinds of projects.  I always enjoy the great conversations about writing that happen here.  I have degrees in Modern Greek and applied linguistics and I have taught technical writing, writing for artists, writing I, English as a second language, linguistics, and grammar.

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