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Looking for a tutor with a similar major? Just trying to remember the name of the person who helped you in your last session? Check the list below!

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Carter Adams

I am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I am a sophomore here at Alfred studying Spanish and English. With these majors, I hope to become a Spanish/English teacher and travel around South America teaching English. I came to Alfred from New Hampshire in order to have a college experience where collaboration and community are cherished. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you as we continue this journey together.

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Anna Gray I am an Art and Design student with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Spanish. I am fairly fluent in Spanish, so if you need some help with translating or working on conjugation, I'm your girl! I'm also really familiar with Art History and Literatureso I can definitely help you get your papers all spiffy! I have a crazy little dog named Bosco who is my partner in crime. Photograph of Anna Gray
Gregory Lastrapes If you need help with writing a paper, Greg (the most wonderful senior Art and Design/Art History major) is the tutor for you! Seriously, I'll help you out. Can't see the importance of a white dog in the foreground? Come find out! In addition to art and art history, my areas of interest include Biology, and Chinese. If you need help translating to or from Chinese, I'm your man! 加油!! Gregory Lastrapes
Emily McClintock

I am a graduate student in Mental Health Counseling. I completed my BA at Ohio State with majors in English and Sexuality Studies. If you see me around campus I am usually rushing from one thing to another as there never seem to be enough hours in the day. On the rare occasion I can find some free time, I'll be found with a YA book in my hand or crocheting to keep my hands busy.

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Kristina Roberts

I am a Biomaterials Engineering major. I love math, but I also have a deep appreciation for the importance of words and communication in our society. I enjoy the analytical approach to formal writing, finding a way to connect creative expression with professional intentions. Aside from doing schoolwork, I am an active member of the Alfred University Track and Field team, having formed a passion for triple jumping. (Krissy is on co-op for the spring 2019 semester. She will be back in fall 2019.)

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Angela VanBuskirk I’m majoring in English. An introvert at heart, I have an uncanny knack for transforming myself into a blanket burrito and have been known to contemplate the many perplexities of the universe for hours on end. When I’m not writing fiction or devouring another novel, I love going on adventures with my dog, Pandora. Angela in a field
Vicky Westacott I am the director of the Writing Center.  I love to work with all writers on all kinds of projects.  I always enjoy the great conversations about writing that happen here.  I have degrees in Modern Greek and applied linguistics and I have taught technical writing, writing for artists, writing I, English as a second language, linguistics, and grammar. Picture of Vicky
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