Check Settings When Banner Extracts Do Not Work

Below are instructions on how to check your settings when banner extracts do not work.

Make sure all PopUp Blockers are disabled (Google, IE, Yahoo, etc…) If the Google toolbar has been deployed, you may need to go to properties and disable.

Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options (* Make sure at IE6 version)

  • Security Tab -> Internet -> Custom Level
  • Scroll to Downloads -> Enable -> OK

Picture of internet options window with the security tab shown and internet being selectedPicture of the open security settings window with the enable option highlighted under the downloads section

Another thing to check

  • Internet Explorer -> Tools -> General tab
  • Temporary Internet Files -> Settings
  • Make sure it is set to ‘Automatically’ and that the amount of disk space is at least 4000 MB

Picture of settings window with the Automatically option selected

One more thing

  • Make sure that Banner user preferences have not been changed

Picture of the General user preferences maintenance form open with an arrow pointing at the default calue field filled with FILE

  • Default value needs to be set to FILE

Passwords: See if they have recently changed their password to include characters. There are a few characters that have been found to be problematic to include in the password and it also seems that it depends on where the character is located in the string.