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Responding to Alerts on First Year Students

When should you use Navigate Alerts vs. AU Report It?
Please use Navigate to issue alerts on students for Academic Concerns such as excessive absences (2 or more without communication), missed assignments and/or exams, and classroom behavioral concerns. You can also use Navigate to refer a student to another office such as the Career Development Center, the Center for Academic Success, the Financial Aid office, and the Wellness Center.
Examples of Alerts:
  • Student has missed the last two class days and has not communicated with their professor about their absence.
  • Student has not submitted assignment(s) which is now impacting their grade in the course.

Examples of Referrals:
  • Student seems to be struggling to fully grasp the content in my class and I think they would benefit from tutoring. (Referral to Center for Academic Success)
  • Met with student and they mentioned they have not received their refund yet and have not been able to purchase their textbooks. (Referral to the Financial Aid Office)
For reporting of students exhibiting behaviors that are a concern in relation to their personal, physical, or emotional well-being, violations of the Student Code of Conduct, bias related incidents, or incidents that would fall under Title IX policies, please use AU Report It (link below).


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