Degree Works Student/Advisor Production Dashboard

All audits should be done using Degree Works. In this final transition with everyone using Degree works we can focus on working out any remaining kinks, if any. Audits should match the year in which you were matriculated into the university. If at any time you and your advisor feel that your audit does not match your catalog, please reach out to the registrar’s office.

If you matriculated prior to 2018-2019 and you do not get an audit in Degree Works you will still have access to Degree Evaluation on BannerWeb. Degree Evaluation from 2019 to present is not supported, updated, nor will it be used to evaluate degree completion at time of graduation. Eventually the link will be removed.

Welcome to the Degree Works Student/Advisor Production Dashboard. For the best user experience, please access Degree Works using the latest version of Chrome.


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