Advisee Best Practices

For a successful experience, meet with your advisor at least two times per semester. Meet all requirements, learn about academic deadlines, using Banner and know how to access sources of campus information.

  • Advisees are ultimately responsible for making their own decisions and for meeting all requirements. Advisors do not make choices for advisees, but assist them in the process of exploring alternatives and becoming self-directed.
  • Academic advising is not counseling. Academic advisors are not held to the same standards of confidentiality as counselors.
  • Advisees are expected to meet with their advisor at least two times per semester, and check their Alfred email account regularly, recognizing that this is the official form of communication at Alfred University
  • Advisees should be prepared to discuss their personal and professional goals, interests, and abilities with their advisor
  • Advisees should obtain a list of the graduation requirements and standards for their chosen major from their advisor and use it to monitor their progress
  • Advisees should be able to identify courses that satisfy General Education, PE, and GP requirements
  • Advisees should be familiar with academic and administrative policies, procedures and rules of the University and academic program as articulated in the Undergraduate Catalog and Student Code of Conduct
  • Advisees should meet all academic deadlines articulated in the AU academic calendar
  • Advisees should learn how to use BANNER
  • Advisees should know how to access sources of campus information, including Alfred Today, Canvas, and
  • Advisees should see their advisors for assistance at the first sign of an academic crisis