Writing Center

The Writing Center in Seidlin 008 provides free writing assistance to all Alfred University students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty and staff. Our writing consultants represent a wide range of disciplines and each is trained to deal with all kinds of writing tasks.

What can our tutors help you with?

Oval table with several empty chairs around it
  • Pre-writing
    • Discovery of ideas
    • Generating a thesis
  • Drafting
    • Organizing thoughts and materials
    • Developing evidence
    • Incorporating research
  • Revision
    • Editing
    • Presentation issues

Whatever your need - whether it's a quick grammar brush-up or long-term assistance with a research paper - we can help you improve your writing abilities and gain confidence as a writer.

The tutors at the Writing Center represent a variety of writing backgrounds. Any tutor can help you with any type of writing, but if you would rather go to someone familiar with your particular topic, that's fine too. Check the staff page to view the list and description of all of the tutors.

Make an appointment

If you have questions about the Writing Center, please contact Chloe Hansen.