Directions on How to Make an Appointment

Go to Make an Appointment on the Writing Center homepage (

Log in using your AU username (your email address without “”) and password

Click on search availability:

search availability

Choose the Center (Writing Center):

Choose Center

Choose the Section (class you’re writing the paper for) and reason (writing tutoring) from the drop down arrows.

Choose Section










Choose the range of dates for which you would like the appointment.

range of dates

Click Search. search button

Click on the time slot that works best for you.

available time slots

Click Save

click save

Check your AU email for a confirmation of your appointment.  Bring your assignment and any work you have done so far to your appointment at the Center for Academic Success on the second floor of Herrick.

Log in using your AU username and password.  Click Main Menu link.

main menu

Find the appointment you want to cancel and click on the X at the end.


Click on Confirm Cancellation.

confirm cancellation