Writing Center Staff

Looking for a tutor with a similar major? Just trying to remember the name of the person who helped you in your last session? Check the list below!


Alpha BahImage of Alpha Bah

I am a History major.  I have been an avid reader all of my life and that translated into wanting to write my own stories. When I'm not reading or writing, I like to watch Basketball (my favorite team is the OKC Thunder), hang out with my friends, and binge shows that are always good (current recommend: Netflix's Dark.)

Emma JohnsonImage of Emma Johnson

I am a second year Business major, and I’m planning on adding minors in Equestrian Studies and Equine Business Management. I’m very involved in the Alfred’s horseback riding teams and Equestrian center. Outside of school, I enjoy caring for my horse, going on walks with my dogs and working on my photography business. I look forward to helping students through the writing process to help them become more confident in their writing skills.

Image of Margaret Macaluso

Margaret Macaluso

Hello! I am a sophomore Art and Design major with a soon-to-be minor in Art Education. I enjoy camping, hiking, eating, and spending time with my boyfriend and my dog. In my free time on campus, I spend my time sewing in my room or working on various art projects. I believe heavily in the writing process and feel that the discipline of writing is necessary for every student to be successful at Alfred and beyond. I would love to help you with your Art History and English papers, though I may have difficulties with science related assignments. 

Dale Mott SlaterImage of Dale Mott Slater

I'm a junior with an individually structured major in Sustainability and Food Systems Journalism- I know, it's a mouthful. My studies focus around environmental issues and how to communicate on those topics seriously and creatively. I have a background in art, which I still tap into as a hobby, and a love for binge-watching sitcoms.

Sebastian PetersonImage of Sebastian Peterson

Hello! My name is Sebastian Peterson and I'm an English major and adolescent education minor. My home town is Slate Hill, New York. I've always wanted to teach for a living, and I figure that being a tutor at the Writing Center is a good way to achieve that dream even before graduating from college! 

Image of Kristina Roberts

Kristina Roberts

I am a graduate student majoring in Business Administration. I love math, but I also have a deep appreciation for the importance of words and communication in our society. I enjoy the analytical approach to formal writing, finding a way to connect creative expression with professional intentions. Aside from doing schoolwork, I am an active member of the Alfred University Track and Field team, having formed a passion for triple jumping.

Image of Sandra Takyiwaa

Sandra Takyiwaa

I am a junior majoring in Biology. I love reading and dancing in my spare time. My love for books and storytelling developed at the age of six when my grandmother used to tell me different Anansi stories. She was such a great storyteller that I always imagined what it would be like to write some of those stories but with my own twist. Outside of school, I engage in book club with a group of friends. I also spend most of my free time using the different writing skills I've learned in class and through other pieces of writing to further enhance my own writing ability. I strongly believe the power of words can induce a positive change globally.

Image of Vicky Westacott director of the Writing Center

Vicky Westacott

I am the director of the Writing Center. I love to work with all writers on all kinds of projects. I always enjoy the great conversations about writing that happen here. I have degrees in Modern Greek and applied linguistics and I have taught technical writing, writing for artists, writing I, English as a second language, linguistics, and grammar.