Writing Center Staff

Looking for a consultant with a similar major? Just trying to remember the name of the person who helped you in your last session? Check the list of consultants below!


Ella Becher

Photo of Ella Becher

I am a junior majoring in Art and Design with a double minor in Art Education and Art Education and Art History. If you can't tell already, I have a passion for art, not only creating it, but also studying it. In my down time, I love to go on hikes and pretty much do anything else that will get me outside. I also love to read and write, and the inspiration I get from these hobbies often leaks into my artwork. If I'm not pursuing one of these interests, you can almost always find me with one earbud in, listening to whatever song has currently captured my attention.

Beatrice Crespo

Photo of Beatrice Crespo

I am a sophomore in the Art and Design and Glass Engineering programs. I hope to minor in Physics, Art History, and Chemistry. I approach everything systematically and am especially inclined towards technical writing (lab reports, scientific papers, artwork analyses) because I can just follow the rules and systems that have already been laid out for me. My goal as a writing center consultant is to help students take advantage of the 'rules' of writing and understand how the rules can sometimes be manipulated to fit their voice.

Ashton Julian

Photo of Ashton Julian

Hello! My name is Ashton Julian and my pronouns are they/them.
I am majoring in English and child psychology. Horror is my favorite genre of writing because I read every single Goosebumps book at my local library by the age of nine. I also enjoy working with horses, playing video games, designing costumes, and watching movies.

Gaia McCune

Photo of Gaia McCune I’m a junior English major, and my strengths lie in creative writing of all kinds —poetry and prose of all genres—and I am also skilled in literature analysis  writing. I love all things literature and am working on a few long-term projects  of my own! I also love cooking, baking, tea, fashion—anything really. When  I’m not in class or in the writing center, I can usually be found reading or  singing/listening to music.

Alyra RainPhoto of Alyra Rain 

Hi, I'm Rain! I'm a sophomore English major, and I love to read and write.I also like listening to music, crocheting little creatures, playing games on my Switch, and hanging out with friends.  Recently, I finished the latest season of Good Omens (and yes, I was devastated)!

Natalie Reynolds

Image of Natalie Reynolds

I'm a fourth-year Art and Design major with an English minor. I love to explore new mediums and create whatever comes to mind, especially while binge-watching whatever my latest find is! I have an Etsy shop and enjoy selling fun crafty things that I have made (especially things I have sewn)! I'm really involved with InterVarsity and love hanging out with my friends and going on late-night trips to Taco Bell!