Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is staffed by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to caring and promoting wellness as a foundation for health, personal growth and success at Alfred University.


The Wellness Center is located at 19 Park Street in Alfred, on the corner just past Herrick Library and the Saxon Inn.


Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm. The Wellness Center is open for care when Alfred University is in session.

Patient Portal

Access Alfred University’s Medicat Patient Portal

The Wellness Center has launched a browser-based patient portal which allows students to conveniently manage their health and wellness information and interface with the Wellness Center. The portal offers the following services for students:

  • Exchange messages with the Wellness Center safely and securely through HIPAA compliant messaging system.
  • Manage health records and submit required paperwork.
  • Make appointments to use the Mind Spa.

Services for Students


The staff of the Wellness Center is personally, professionally, and legally committed to upholding and protecting the privacy of its clients. No one is told that a student has been here unless:

  • It is a matter of saving a human life
  • Students specifically give us permission
  • We have been ordered by a court
  • Required by law


Wellness Center Health Services
Alfred University
19 Park Street
Alfred, NY 14802
Phone: 607-871-2400
Fax: 607-871-2631