Health Services

Emergency Medical Care

If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency please call 911 or go to an area Emergency Department. Ambulance transports are provided at no cost from the Alfred Community to Hornell or Wellsville.

UR St. James Hospital
7329 Seneca Road North
Hornell, NY
Phone: 607-247-2300

Jones Memorial Hospital
Emergency Department
191 North Main Street
Wellsville, NY
Phone: 585-593-1100

For after-hours/urgent care please go to:
UR Urgent Care
7309 Seneca Road North
Hornell NY
Phone: 607-385-3800


All registered undergraduate students and graduate students (matriculating and non-matriculating) attending Alfred University are expected to carry health insurance. Students will need to show proof of insurance coverage prior to their arrival on campus by completing the online waiver form.

All (F-1) International students and all intercollegiate student athletes are required to enroll in the plan unless they provide proof of adequate coverage prior to their arrival on campus.


The Wellness Center Health Services offers a multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners, nurses and administrative support staff who provide a wide range of services. Students needing long term or complex care are referred to appropriate providers or agencies as warranted.

More information on common illnesses and ailments is available on our Patient Education page.

Excuses for Illness

The Health Services Office does offer documentation of illness to interested students. HS staff only provides verification of appointments actually attended at HS, not proof of illness without HS treatment. This documentation can be used by students when discussing class or work absences. It is the decision of faculty and employers on how to deal with missed class time and any necessary arrangements for making up missed work.

Lab Tests

With a request from your health care provider, Health Services may obtain your lab specimens (ex. blood, urine) and process them through U of R at St. James laboratory.

Your health care provider must complete the following form: Lab Work Obtained at Health Services External Provider Form. This required form ensures that your lab results will be communicated directly to your health care provider. The form can be faxed to the Wellness Center Health Services office at 607-871-2631. The form may also be mailed or hand delivered; Health Services must receive this form before your appointment is scheduled.

Appointments (607-871-2400) are required for the lab specimens to be obtained at Health Services. This service is available Monday through Thursday, 9am-2pm. There is a venipuncture fee for blood draws, which can be billed to your AU student account. Fees for the actual laboratory tests are billed through UR St. James Hospital.

Some laboratory tests require specific handling and must be done in a laboratory setting. For those needs, you may contact UR St. James Laboratory at 607-385-3775 or Jones Memorial Hospital Laboratory at 585-593-4072 for more information.


There are no charges for office visits to Health Services with the exception of Psychiatric Consultation visits. Nominal charges are made for lab tests, injections, special treatments and medications. Students who require specialists or emergency care are referred to the general hospitals in neighboring Hornell or Wellsville. Students maintain the right to choose a health care provider or place of hospitalization and must assume all financial obligations for off-campus medical/surgical care.