Wellness Center Counseling Services


The college years can be extremely stressful for many students especially in the contemporary climate of competition and pressure. When that stress becomes unmanageable and interferes with learning, the Wellness Center offers a short-term treatment facility to assist students in addressing their problems.

  • Personal counseling - Nationally certified counselors work with individual students who may be experiencing a wide range of crises, developmental concerns, personal problems, and relationship conflicts. These services are completely confidential in accordance with standards set by the American Counseling Association.
  • Group counseling - Each year the Center offers a variety of therapeutic group sessions on such issues as the non-traditional student, eating disorders, relationships, etc.
  • Outreach - Educational programs and workshops for residence halls, classes, clubs and organizations on a variety of topics are requested each year. Programs on stress management, eating disorders, and acquaintance rape are examples of programs that have been offered.
  • Consultation - Staff is available to consult with faculty, staff, parents, or students who may be concerned about a student. Assistance in crisis management and guidelines for referral are available. Persons who are concerned about a student are urged to contact the Wellness Center for consultation. Learn More about our Services

Emergencies and After Hours

Students are provided with emergency numbers to reach staff when the Center is closed.

Behavior Assessment

Alfred University has put together a team of professionals who will assess a student's behavior that may be of concern to others. If you are concerned about a student's behavior, you may wish to alert our Behavior Assessment Team.


Counseling services are available at no additional charge beyond tuition and fees to all Alfred University students during the academic year. If counseling services are desired during the summer a referral can be made.


The staff of the Wellness Center is personally, professionally, and legally committed to upholding and protecting the privacy of its clients. No one is told that a student has been there unless it is a matter of saving a human life, or students specifically give us permission, or we have been ordered by a court, or required by law (as with child abuse).