Banner PINS and ID Numbers

Banner Administrative System requires a Banner ID and PIN. Follow the steps below to connect.

Step 1

Access Secure Area

ID#: (* Any alternate ID# in Banner)

  • A000##### (Banner ID#)
  • SS#
  • Current Student Number


  • Birthdate will be initial PIN --> MMDDYY format (010568 – 6 digits)


Step 2

Upon initial setup or after PIN has been reset – you will be asked to set up new PIN

Type in old PIN -> Birthdate MMDDYY (010568 – 6 digits)

Type in new 6 digit numerical PIN

Retype in new 6 digit numerical PIN

You will be instructed to type in a PIN reminder question– this will be used to verify the identity of the person making the request if the PIN needs to be reset or to be able to reset the PIN yourself without calling the Help Desk

Example: What is my mother’s maiden name?

Answer: Fuller

Forgot your PIN?

Press the hint button - Security Answer

UserID: ######### (see above STEP 1 for ID#)

Question: What is my mother’s maiden name?

Answer: Fuller

Submit Answer

The correct answer will allow you to:

  • Reset your own PIN
    • Your PIN has to be reset. Please change it now.
      • New PIN: _______
      • Re-enter new PIN ______ -> Reset PIN

*** You can not reuse your old PIN ***

You can also call the Help Desk, Faculty/Student – Registrar’s office, Employees – HR office to reset your PIN back to the initial birth date (MMDDYY).