Printing Reports in Banner

These details are for printing reports in Banner using job submission.

  • Type in name of report in Go box
Picture of the Go Box
  • Type in DATABASE in Printer box ** (see message below on emailing output)
  • Fill in values as determined by report. In this report you would only need to fill in the Term code of 200590 under Parameter Values.
  • Check Save Parameters box on bottom left side of form

Printer Submission Controls window with save parameters checked

Naming your Parameter Sets - You can name and save your parameters set to be used later. In the Submission boxes at the bottom of the form, type in the name you want to save it under. To do that:

  • Click on the Save Parameters box (see screen shot below)
  • Tab to the next box and type in the name (your_initial_short_name)
  • Tab over and type in a description that gives details to what the list is
  • Save the parameters – click on the save icon
  • Box: Saving current parameters DJK_ENROL_0306 -> OK

submission box with save parameters checked in the print report options

** You can email the report to yourself by typing in the word ‘ EMAIL ‘ instead of DATABASE in the printer box. A report will come to your email account when finished processing.

  • Click on the Save icon at top of screen. It will save the parameters and run the report.

Print Report Save Icon

  • Click OK when this screen appears
  • The Report will run and the information on the screen will clear. ** If you have emailed the report to yourself instead of printing it from this screen you would not proceed any further. **

Forms window to select ok

  • Go up to Options and click on Review Output (GJIREVO)

Picture of options drop down extended

  • Double click in File Name box until the .lis file appears
  • Click on .lis file and press OK

file name search window

  • The report will appear on the screen
  • If you would like a nicely formatted printout, follow the next few steps

saved output review window

  • Go back up to Options, now Show Document (Save and Print File will appear)

Options drop down showing the show document option

  • Click on this option
  • When this box appears – Click Yes

Forms window requesting confirmation to continue

  • A formatted report will appear
  • If it looks like the report will not fit on a landscape page, go to View and click on Text Size then Smallest

view drop down with text size drop down open and smallest option selected

Before you print the document make sure to go to File and change the Page Setup to landscape if necessary.

  • Then Click on File and Print

picture of the file drop down with print highlighted