Procedure to Delete Parameter Sets

Follow the steps below to delete parameter sets from Banner Administrative System.

Steps will follow the deletion of the MEAL_CONT Parameter Set

 Parameter Set Rules window with a circle around the MEAL_CONT Parameter set

Before a Parameter Set can be deleted, the parameters need to be removed first


Enter in name of Process -> GLZDATA

Find Parameter Set (can use query function) -> MEAL_CONT -> NEXT BLOCK – > Double Click

On this form, you will delete each parameter by clicking on the first Description (Application) and then hi-light the corresponding User Default field (Housing) -> Record -> Remove -> Save

Parameter set with record drop down extended and the Remove option selected

Hi-light / Record Remove / Save for each User Default field (remove all variables for ‘05’ also)

When all User Defaults are deleted go to GJRJPRM Query for Process Name and Parameter Set name. Hi-light row with Parameter Set you want to delete -> Record Remove -> Save