Gaining Access to Banner 9 Admin

Follows the instructions below to request Banner 9 Admin access to the Banner Administrative System.

Instructions for the Fac/Staff Requestor:

  1. Print off the Request for Banner Access Form. Fill out the top portion and give to your immediate supervisor.
  2. Print off the Confidentiality Agreement. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement form and give it to your immediate supervisor along with the Request for Banner Access Form.
  3. Keep the second page of the Confidentiality Agreement form that explains FERPA and HIPPA regulations for future reference. To gain access to Production Banner, you will need to attend a Banner Navigation course.

Instructions for Supervisor:

  1. Fill in the second upper block of the Request for Banner Access form and sign
  2. Send the form or have the requestor walk it over to the appropriate FASA (Functional Area Security Administrator). Current names are supplied on form.
  3. If you find that another FASA will need to sign, have requestor procure their approval and signature as well
  4. Make copies of both the Request for Access Form as well as the Confidentiality Agreement for your files

Instructions for FASA

  1. Assign proper security classes
  2. Sign the form
  3. Send the signed and completed forms to ITS Banner Security Administration in Alumni Hall

Instructions for Banner Security Administrator

  1. Set up Banner Account and assign password
  2. Assign the proper Security Class
  3. Sign form and give to Banner Secretary for filing
  4. Send out login name and password to new user with instructions to change password

Instructions for Banner Secretary

  1. Send Confidentiality Form to Human Resources

Important Forms